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Why use a Travel Agent?

1. Who are you going to call?

What would you do if the hotel has lost your reservation? What would you do if the transfer company lost your reservation? What would you do if you were in the Caribbean and the flight is cancelled?
If you book through a travel agent, all you have to do is make one simple phone call. And everything will be taken care of.

2. Show me the Money (I saved)

Saving money is not just about price. It is more about value. If the hotel was not the right for YOU if the Beach was not right, if the flight and transfers were not right, it does not matter how much you saved. One can save a ton of money and be miserable or spend a little more to be in heaven. A travel agent can recommend cost saving strategies. Moving a date, changing the location, Room category, being open to flight options, etc., all can save money. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary so an agent will help you find the best value without the sacrifices of a cheap trip.

3. I want to relax!

If you have an agent that you trust, then you don't need to spend what little free time you have, scouring the web, trying to piece everything together—Destinations, flights, cars, rooms, etc. In addition, a travel agent will provide you with first hand personal experience or feedback from other travelers like you. Agents have good relationships with the best travel suppliers so when an agent makes a “request” it is handled with respect by the hotel and resorts. An agent is someone who has taken the time and made the commitment to be the best so you don't have to make planning your vacation a second job!

Let's finish with an example...
Like most of us, Steve wanted a fantastic vacation at a fantastic price. Steve is pretty web savvy, and he had spent hours searching for the vacation he wanted. Our agent went to work and coordinated the entire trip: Airfare, transfers, and the resort. When all was said and done, Steve was presented with an incredible value.

However, Steve was convinced that he could get a better price. So he went back out to the web in search of a better deal. And indeed he found it-airfare that was $20 per seat lower than what our agent had found for him. So he booked it.

One little problem, Steve did not realize that the flight that he booked had an overnight in New York in each direction!  Steve’s 7 night vacation is now a five night vacation with $400.00 to stay and eat in New York for those two days. Bottom line is the $20 savings actually cost him $380.00 more than he would have paid if he just booked with a Professional. Along with all of the great reasons to chose a travel agent the best reason...It Is FREE!

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